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JustStopDr. Ehlman is currently conducting patient trials for this promising new program. Please ask Dr. Ehlman for more information if you are interested, or have a friend or family member that wants to stop their smoking habit for good!

The “JUST STOP” program is an all natural protocol that combines cold light laser therapy and accupoint stimulation with herbal supplements to help you overcome your desire to smoke.

The “JUST STOP” program is:

  • Safe, Natural and Gentle
  • Affordable, Fast and Effective
  • Successfully reduces or eliminates cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms
  • NOT a nicotine replacement but a program designed to end nicotine dependence
  • A unique combination of Homeopathy, Herbal Dietary Supplementation and Behavioral Modification

Contact us by phone or you may click on Contact Us for more information. Let’s make this year smoke free for you or someone you love.


Patient Testimonials

“I have tried anything and everything to stop smoking for the past 40 years, including the latest prescription medications. The “JUST STOP” program was the answer for me, hands down! With no adverse effects and no withdrawal, no increase in appetite or weight gain.” – Randy, smoker for 47 years

“I have smoked for the past 31 years and have tried numerous options to stop smoking without success. Using the “JUST STOP” program, I was amazed by the results I experienced. It has dramatically changed my life and it seems as if I never smoked. I am proud to say that I am smoke free for over a month now without any side effects.” – Dana, smoker for 31 years

“I tried to quit smoking last year on New Years and only lasted a week. I woke up with cravings every day, and had them after lunch, after work…etc. After the very first “JUST STOP” visit, I knew something was different, I wasn’t a “smoker” anymore. I didn’t have any cravings. This program is unbelievably amazing!” – Amy, long term smoker

“I have been smoking for 40 years, 1 to 1 1/2 packs per day. I have tried everything on the market to try to quit smoking with no success. The “JUST STOP” program was by far the easiest and I was successful on my first try!” – Mark Smith, Weatherford , OK

The “JUST STOP” program is unlike any other Smoking Cessation product you’ve tried before! The “Just Stop” program is safe, gentle and natural. Equally important, It’s fast, easy and effective! You’ll notice a difference in your feeling and demeanor the very first day.

What are you waiting for? Call Dr. Ehlman today and schedule your first appointment!